Dani and JJ are getting married! - MarilynALaRose

Serendipity happens!

They met when she was 16.  She made him coffee every day at work for four years.  Four long years.  That is how long JJ had a crush on Dani but never said a word.  Oh he flirted with her, but she never caught on.  After confiding in a friend, who thankfully didn't keep his secret, Dani was told about JJ's crush.  When he finally asked her out she was ready to say yes.

From the first date, they knew they were perfect for each other and had a whirlwind summer romance.  As the summer came to an end, so did their time together. When Dani left for school, they went their separate ways.  


After years of  being apart, something amazing happened.  Out of the blue, JJ called and well, the rest is Serendipity! Everything they had and needed came back...and now the time was perfect.

When Danielle and Joseph get married on September, 2015, I suspect there will be a lot of happy tears. 

Engagement Portraits

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